• A Silvery Warhammer

    A Silvery Warhammer

    This hammer appears to be made entirely out of a highly polished steel. It was made in a single piece - there is no join between hammer and haft.
  • A Silvery-Gold Suit of Chainmail

    A Silvery-Gold Suit of Chainmail

    This suit of chainmail is made of a bright, silvery steel. Scattered throughout are occasional gold links in the chain.
  • Ancient Map of The Borderlands

    Ancient Map of The Borderlands

    A tattered and worn scroll of fibrous material, decorated with colored inks.
  • Arto Bellumoi

    Arto Bellumoi

    This musty, leather bound tome must be preserved by some means other than mundane
  • Gem-Decorated Horn

    Gem-Decorated Horn

    This twisting horn is clad in steel and decorated with rubies.
  • Silver-Chased Longsword

    Silver-Chased Longsword

    A Silver-Chased longsword, with a ruby an inch across set into the center of the crossguard.